Troubleshooting Your Propane Gas Lanterns

Posted on: 21 September 2018

Whether you have a remote cabin or just want to live off-grid, no longer relying on public utilities, propane and propane accessories can make your life easier and more comfortable. Don't relegate your propane use to only when you fire up your gas grill; you can also use propane to fuel the lights.

Indoor gas lanterns or light fixtures are safe, clean-burning, and efficient. Like anything else, they can occasionally require troubleshooting. Here are two common problems that can occur and their possible solution.

The Propane Gas Lantern Won't Light

Each gas lantern has a mantle. This mantle is made from a fabric that is doused with metal nitrates. When it is lit, the mantle becomes a fragile framework that uses the created metal oxides to put off light.

If the mantle is completely black, all of the metal oxides are gone, and the mantle must be replaced. Touching the mantle, which is extremely brittle, can also cause it to not light. Spider webs, dust, and dirt getting on the mantle or on the Bunsen burner can also play a role.

To correct this situation, first turn the propane completely off. Then, remove the old mantle and carefully brush away any cobwebs, dust, and other debris. Check the burner nose and burner nose screen for any lint or dead moth it may have collected. This is the part the mantle is attached to. Carefully replace the pre-formed mantle, and then turn the propane back on and try lighting it again.

The Propane Gas Lantern Flickers

A lantern that flickers off and on isn't very useful, and it's also annoying. This can sometimes be a common problem in new lanterns. The propane orifice may have become dirty. This is the part that connects the lantern to the propane. Once the propane is turned off, remove the lantern and gently blow through the propane orifice to clear it of any dirt, reconnect it, and then turn on the propane and try again. If the lantern is flickering but flames shoot from it as well, the seal has likely been broken. This can happen if the burner nose has been removed, and the seal will need to be replaced.

If these solutions don't fix your problem, it is best to call a propane gas sales and accessories professional, like those at John Graves Propane of Arizona, INC., especially if you have installed the system yourself. The gas lantern manufacturers recommend these systems be installed by an expert, but many people choose to do it themselves. This can lead to improper installation techniques.


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