How To Avoid Mold Growth On Your Glass Shower Door

Posted on: 18 August 2022

Mold is often associated with dirt, making it a less discussed topic among homeowners. However, mold building up in the shower is common, and the reality remains that mold could grow in your bathroom or shower door. So, what do you do to avoid it?

Why Mold Is Common in the Bathroom

Mold is a type of fungi that grows and multiplies through microscopic spores. The spores are tiny and lightweight and easily float in the air. Thus, they could attach and grow on your shower door. Since showers are often damp, and fungi do well in moist areas, shower mold is common.

Besides tampering with the aesthetics of your glass shower door, mold can damage the drywall and cause health problems. Inhaling mold could lead to headaches, rashes, and lung problems or worsen existing lung issues like asthma. Therefore, it is essential to avoid mold growth.

How to Avoid Mold Growth  

First, ensure adequate ventilation to reduce humidity as humidity accelerates mold growth. Ventilation reduces humidity, reducing shower mold growth. During cold months when you cannot open windows, consider installing an exhaust fan to help boost ventilation. It works by sucking moisture from the air and blowing it outside. There are different sizes of fans depending on the size of your shower.

Second, organize your bathroom products, and hang your towel and bathing sponge to dry. While it is common to hang your towel and loofah on the shower surface, they increase humidity in the bathroom. So, air them after your bath. Also, organize your shower products as sometimes body wash and shampoo bottles trap water underneath or behind them when placed on a solid surface.

Third, check for leaks, and have an expert fix the leaks. Sometimes, the mold could be growing because of water leaks. A leak can cause an accumulation of moisture, creating the perfect condition for mold to grow. Therefore, inspect the room, check for leaks, and have a plumber fix them if you find any.

Lastly, squeegee your door often. While squeegeeing can be annoying, especially on a busy day or when running late, it is a first-line defense against mold. Take a minute to use the squeegee on your glass shower door after a shower to reduce moisture and avoid mold. 

Glass shower doors easily prevent mold growth in the bathroom since you can squeegee after every shower. Follow the tips above to avoid mold infestations and keep mold away.  

For more information about mold prevention, contact a local professional.


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