3 Ways To Make Your Restaurant More Eco-Friendly

Posted on: 12 February 2018

Owning your own restaurant means making countless decisions on a daily basis, including how to reduce waste and make your restaurant environmentally friendly whenever possible. Having a more eco-friendly place of business not only makes you feel great since you are doing something good for the environment but can also be a selling point for socially responsible customers. Best of all, it is actually simple and cost-effective to make eco-friendly choices in the restaurant business. Here are a few ideas: 

Sign Up for Eco-Friendly Grease Trap Cleaning

One of the biggest problems in many commercial kitchens is how to keep the grease removal traps clean and your plumbing system free of grease, fat, and oils. Unfortunately, if allowed to get into your drains these food items quickly solidify and cause major clogs. It is also difficult to dispose of grease and oil on your own in such large quantities, and certainly not in a way that is environmentally sound. For these reasons, the best solution is to outsource your grease trap cleaning to the professionals.

Eco-friendly grease trap cleaning services not only show up like clockwork to quickly remove your oil and grease residue, but they then recycle whatever they collect. Instead of ending up in your drains or a landfill, your leftover cooking oil, grease, and fats will be repurposed and used in commercial products such as soap or paint.

Work with Local Farmers

Networking with local farmers and buying produce, meat, and dairy products directly has many benefits. Shopping locally means a lower carbon footprint since your produce wasn't transported long-distance by a semi-truck or airplane. It is also easier and more affordable to buy fruit and vegetables that are organic and not sprayed with tons of chemicals, as well as meat and dairy that were raised ethically when you can personally visit the farm and talk to the farmers.

Farm-to-table restaurants are also popular with customers, in part because of the positive ethical implications and in part because the food tastes so fresh and vibrant!

Update Your Takeout Containers

Styrofoam containers linger in landfills for years, but there are better options. Takeout containers made from biodegradable, recycled cardboard is one great option. Another option is to offer customers reusable plastic containers that they can use for their own food storage instead of tossing in the trash.

Implementing these eco-friendly restaurant solutions requires only a small amount of effort but will make a big impact on your restaurant's carbon footprint.


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